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i've been inspired by the fashion blogs i've been visiting to make a blogspot to post my daily fashion and thoughts.
i like this much better because i'm pretty sick of mizuchan_desu as a username, but i dont want to delete my LJ b/c i want to keep my entries. and because i want to post my outfits, but i'm not really into japanese fashion as much as before, and posting outfits to my blog is just so much easier and quite fun :D

so i made a blogspot which i'll be posted in from now on, with the occasional LJ blog every now and then.
its www.milkywu.blogspot.com thanks MIKA for helping me come up with a name! <3
life is so unfair, so short
time passes by too quickly
much too fast to fully grasp
to seize and cherish the moment

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life is good, besides that, lately
AP seems to be getting easier for me.. not sure if thats good or bad.
i'm worried about that cumulative final of hers... i should be studying
i have so much time lately... like now.
but i dont really want to.. thats bad of me.
i think i'll study the chapters we're reading now..
at least then i wont feel so bad about not studying anything

i've been so into fashion lately
oh how i love fashion.

i realized i never post ANY pictures...
i will now.
i want to be more artsy, nikki has ben inspiring me with her tumblr lately
i love her so much.
my little pocket-sized sunshine <3

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that day with lea and melissa was FUN FUN FUN
its been a while since it was the three of us, just chilling and talking.


 look how clear she is!


my attempt at 'artistic' photography at my aunt sara's wedding
i really liked the details on her dress.
             i would've liked that <------- one a lot more if that guy wasnt in there....

i want to post some pictures (courtesy of lea and joseph's camera) here since i'm in the mood... hmm... maybe next time :]

on a lighter note

i felt these two posts should be separate, like night and day happiness and sadness are separated =)

today was nicee
i feel things changing, nicer and lighter in a sense but heavier in others, much heavier.
there are some things we shouldnt have to think of or deal with, yet life isnt fair that way is it?
the music mika burnt me is awesome! haha cobra starship is pretty good o.o lol
LOTS of work to do though.. 2 projects for AP, while still reading, and aghh a bit of shopping left to do.
but i heard keenu and sarah are having a birthday party! =D and the xmas party is next friday! i'm looking forward to those veryy much!
so this weekend i'm going to stay home, work on my timeline and columbian exchange project =)
i cant wait to wrap everyone's gifts!!!! ahh i look forward to that a lot, its soo fun
the only gifts i have left are my dad, brother, cindy, and possibly travis... but i dont know yet =/ i hope i do, which would mean him doing something good to change everyone's bad view of him.
ethel came back frm the philippines today :D and she gave me a bracelet <333 how sweet of her :3

well i should go shower and work on my timeline now :] bye bye <33
when i look back on how stupid and blind i was, i feel horrible
i cant believe i was blinded by such transparent things... so much so that i looked right through the most important people in my life.
but i'm proud to say that i learned from this lesson, and it will never happen again.

so with *****
i must say i'm really disappointed and upset at him. honestly i dont want to be angry at him, but i the reasons to be overpower my will not to. and he deserves to be angry at. how can he be so mean, rude, and ungrateful for everything he's blessed with in life? i know his parents love him, yet he disrespects them daily. we all care for him, and try to be understanding and kind to him, yet he looks past that and continues to ignore us and hurt us with his words. he acts as if life is a joke and he's been cursed. he's very ungrateful... it makes me sad. because i truly thought he was better and that he was just misunderstood. too bad that was just a false facade i made up in my mind to explain his unreasonable actions..
i decided today that my christmas shopping was over. it means i wont be getting him a gift like i planned. it seems like fate that his gift was my last one to get, but i was convinced not to get it today. walking home, me and nikki talked about him. just more disappointment seeped into my skin... but when i got home, i thought of reconsidering about his gift.
as angry as i am with him, i cant bring myself to leave him short of gifts at the party.. i still see it as unfair but i dont know why. am i being stupid? am i hoping that he truly is better? or am i still as naive as i was before?

i must say that in the amidst of all my disappointment at him, i'm hoping he'll turn things back around and be better.
yet more of me knows than not, that those chances are slim.
today was pretty darn awesome.
cam and travis came by my house to go biking around 1PM, but i couldn't go yet. so they waited for quimpo, and when i finished lunch at 2PM they were still there XDD (chipotle burrito for lunch OMFG YUMMM) then i went with them and we biked to keenus, then to daniel's, then back to cam's grandma and he said hi, then biked to lea's house. we chilled there for a bit, then quimpo finally biked to lea's. oh we were so tired -die- we went to famima and cam, quimpo, and travis got slushes. then we biked to Glad Tidings Church (or something like that) to check it out since keenu, sarah, ethel, and cha were there. travis gave me his slush to hold, but i couldnt bike w/ it so cam took it. later on, it was hard to keep up with travis while holding a slush so cam tried to throw it away. the bike swerved and hit his leg. oh gosh i was scared. his leg cramped up above his knees and he looked in pain. i felt so bad... i shouldnt have handed it to him, i made him hurt his leg a bit =( he's so nice tho.. okay yeah no more details. so i called travis and told him to turn around cuz he kept going wtf lol but he thought cam broke his leg or something XDDD so then we went to the church for like 2 min. -.- pointless i swear, but we saw keenu and sarah for a bit. we biked back to lea's and collapsed for a bit. then we walked to del taco, and cam and travis got food. walked back to lea's, wacthed spongebob and they ate their food. then travis had to take a dump (yeah thats great) and me, cam, and quimpo biked back home cuz it started getting dark. i got home a half hour later than my mom said to be, so apparently i cant go biking with them anymore if they come by. but i doubt it haha, besides it wasnt my fault. they werent done eating yet, and she said not to come home alone soo wtf?

i never told my 'rents i left the nieghborhood until my mom called and asked where i was XD and i said at lea's and she seemed pretty surprised LMFAO but she was like.. okay....

all in all, today was pretty chill and fun. lots of biking and walking and exercise tho haha
it was nice chilling with the guys tho =)


despite what idiots try to stand up to us or whatever they're doing, i'm not even sure why they're messing with us since we've never done shit to them so wtf?, we're not going to sell each other out like SOME PEOPLE lol. lea's right, these issues make us closer.
they keep throwing trash and shit at us, and it pisses us off cuz we didnt do anything to then,we dont even talk to them, and they throw apples and milk cartons at us? wth?
i guess some of the guys were right, our reactions were prolly funny to them.
i'll admit i was disappointed when the guys didnt do anything as us girls got hit with stuff and trash talked.
but after shelbs "bitched" at cam and travis, they got all hyped up and ready to hit some ass apprently xDD
they called us "fucking asian", why? seriously.
i hate the whole race issue, why even say that? we didnt do ANYTHING at all.
anyways, the guys seemed to form a barrier between them and us today xDD they didnt do anything today either.
man we were all prepared and shit, ready for a fight if it came to that, travis brought two milk cartons to open and throw at them... but he drank it xD, and jane had cup of noodle's soup.
today made me happy, it was like unity between all of us. the guys stood there too. despite the fact that nothing happened, they stood there, seemingly ready for something to happen. <3 man... i love these people to no end.
the LTK is everything and more, to all of us. ahh i wont get into that, i'll go all sappy and tearful talking bout how much i love the LTK

so yeah going to joseph's house IS BOMB everyday. its so fun, and simple.
yesterday me and nikki were wrestling over a scarf, pointless yes, but it was hella fun. hehe i miss chilling with nikki.
she's not doing so good id alg.2 ... i wanna help her, but i gotta make sure i kno my stuff too... damn i dont have time D:
today we all chilled and rode the bikes, me, joseph, travis, and lea. then i had to go cuz i wasnt supposed to be there XD my mom got mad o.o i hope i can go out on friday... i wont go tomorrow to josephs i guess so i dont get in trouble ;_;

on friday we'll prolly go wacth Twilight if we can get tickets from all those crazy-ass fans o.o and go chill at keenus.
and i've done all my homework tonight FUCK YES  :D imma go shower, eat dinner, write some I.D.s (because i'm an amazing student ;D) and watch ANTM finale whooo!!! and paint my nails AKA ask my mom to paint them for me ;D

and i dont care how unbelievably CORNY that sounds, i dont care. its true =)

p.s. i'm glad i'm getting closer to people now
seeing that smile makes me day

my day

so i woke up pretty close to 11AM D: cuz i went to bed at like 1AM o.o cuz i was chatting with kevin and reading Breaking Dawn hehehe ^^''
i ate an egg sandwich yummm and studied AP until about 4PM with tons of breaks in between and watching the TV every so often checking on the fires. the sky was so ashy and the sun was scary D: it was a blood redish color omfg! so then me, my mom, and bro went to th mall wheee fun! we went to a buncha stores haha, it was nice. very chill.

i looked around to find things for people for christmas, but cam up pretty empty handed =/
actually i found some things, but i couldnt decide what to get and if they would like it or not... so i didnt buy anything. imma organize my thoughts and ideas about it on paper and then i can shop with organization whoo! haha i'm happy tho, i have ideas for wat i wanna get everyone. well 'xcept quimpo and travis... i mean i know what i WOULD get them... but they're confusing cuz i wanna get the right thing. so yeah. hmmm... and this girl might have been flirting with me in the aerie store... i dunno. maybe she was just super friendly... it felt a tad bit like flirting tho..

i think too much...

i came to a conclusion that i honestly think way too much, and overthink things too. i process everything in my mind over and over, searching for answers that might not even be there. thats one reason i dont blog very much. when i blog, i empty my mind into it, but the way i think is confusing and clouded with memories being dragged from the past and assumptions mixed in. thus my blogs dont make much sense most of the time and i just burden everyone with my confusing thoughts. this way of thinking also cuases me to overthink things in AP world history... =/

lately, i've been thinking a lot about The LTK, the "sky" and the "earth" (those will be my nicknames for them), and studying.

the LTK means so much to me, and everyone in it. we never talk about it as a group, but as if melly's essay being written and read, i think we all kno and feel the important and love between us all. melinda's essay on the LTK was beautiful, so much so that tears of joy sprung from my eyes. compositions as such made me feel a warmth within about how amazing the bonds we have with each other are and made me appreciative of it. mellykimchi (6:34:49 PM):  hehe it's weird how we all used to be separate people and now we can't live without each other. i could never live without the LTK. the thought has never even crossed my mind. anyways, thanks Melinda, your essay really revived an epiphany of some sort in me. <3

so about "sky", i dont think i truly like him like i thought i did. not that he's not worth liking, i just think that i tricked myself into believing i did like him. now i realized that i'm kinda awkward around him, and not being my true self. prolly because since i like him, or think i do, i have a sort of 'guard' up. when i like someone and they dont kno it and i dont kno wat they particularly like, i put up a sort of shield because they might not like the true me. but now... i dont want to be like that. i want to be myself and have someone like me for it. i think rachel and mika are the only ones who seen all sides of me, and have been with me since i was younger, especially rachel.
i've come to the conclusion that i dont really like sky like i thought i did, and to be myself around him. we'll just see where thngs go from there. he's very shy and polite, and cute and sweet. who knows, maybe i do like him. but he prolly doesnt like me =) there i go with my negativitiy again -.- oh well.....
and then there's "earth" i see him in a brotherly-ish way, but not as brotherly as i see bernard, nemo, thomas, or quimpo, or even keenu. there's another feeling there.... i just cant put my finger on it. i just know that i yearn to be closer to him and vice versa. i want him to let down his defenses and trust me. i'm not going to hurt him or embarass him, i just want to kno him. he's unpredictable at times... but not badly. his smile seems so wonderful tho, because its rare to see that true smile of happiness coming forth. it makes me happy to see it. oh! another thought i just realized is that, i want him to smile. i just want to make him smile or to see it. it makes me happy. but there's no affection of THAT sort behind it, its a different affection.

as for the studying, i study a lot lately. mostly for AP, which is what i will be doing all weekend :D funn.... weird thing is, i'm kinda looking forward to it D: call me crazy... please do. i dunno, somehow i feel a small need to study and excel in AP and alg.2 i'm yearning for that A on these two tests. i want it so badly. i want to be able to say that i did it and feel accomplished and succesful. i want to succeed in these classes.

btw, i nicknamed them sky and earth because sky seems to be a more up in the air, light-hearted and free. free to wander and hope. but earth is more rooted to the ground and reality. earth keeps my senses in check, doesnt allow my thoughts to wonder (sort of...).

LTK sleepover

wow that was one amazing time <3

i had to go home right after school :/ so i got home before 1PM and did homework, cleaned my room, and showered, then i FINALLY got dropped off at 6PM ;_; so i missed the video chat with joseph noooo!!
when i got to keenu's only brian and keenu were there, apparently everyone went to wendys lol so we watch potter puppet videos and some dane cook. after 30 min, everyone came back and we all hung out and chilled. me and rachie were revisiting our old dancing roots, brian taught me some showtime dance moves, and we just chilled and talked like we normally do at keenus. cam and daniel played drums and guitar just about the entire time -.- travis seemed to have knocked out on the couch o.o
we watched cameron and daniel play guitar and drums for a while... it was cool, but we needed some 'outer' entertainment. so me, rachie, melly, melinda, lea, sarah, brian, damien, and travis went outside and played telephone XD that was fun! a few of these funny ones were:
little red riding hood brings tomato soup to her grandma= no gay riding humps potato soup
caution: watch for speedbumps and sandwiches= caution: don't have sex without a condom
kung fu panda is the best movie ever= cabana is the worst movie ever
then we built a pyramid! a human pyramid. i was surprised that travis offered to be on the bottom, like... not that he would be on top, but he offered to help =) so it was brian, me and melinda on the bottom, then lea and sarah, then rachel on top. then travis switched in for melinda, and she stood in the back with mika who also joined us.


then we watched get smart. brrr it was cold, so me, travis, lea, and sarah cuddled up on the pull out sofa. WOW travis is a human heater. and apparently so am i, but not as bad, so our skin would stick to each other and we'd have to pull away every so often to air out xD haha lea started saying that she should change into her pjs, under the blanket hehehehe but she didnt =/ darn jk! her and sarah went into the house to change and i went outside -omigosh it was freezing!- to change into my shorts. keenu walked outside when i was in my underwear, but he didnt seem to see me. pheww thank god. then i went back inside and travis was in his 'pjs' too. we got back on the couch, and lea and sarah came back. then i had to go outside and change into my tank top cuz it was way too hot. our situation and the movie was funny. everytime travis would laugh the sofa kinda shook hahaha some awkward positions tho o.O
after the movie, rachie, sarah, and lea got a monster -.- and daniel, damien, and brian went to mobile 6, but brian came back cuz apparently lakewood has a curfew.... i didnt kno that, so if they got caught they'd be in deep shit. but they didnt, and they brought back their monster. so they got call hyped up and energized and (i heard) ran 50 pacers and stripped lol meanwhile, keenu put in baby mama and me and travis sorta just fell asleep on the couch. brian kept playing with my hair and poking me tho..
i kinda wanted to get up, but half of me was asleep and i just fell asleep. travis moves a lot in his sleep -.- he'd roll over onto me, or smack me in the face. while i curled my arms against my chest and kept me legs straight. -sigh- travis travis travis hahah i heard rachie, sarah, and lea come back into the room a bit later, and i think everyone was asleep by that time hahaha lots of stuff happened that night.... like shelby with her arms around daniel's waist.... and lea with her hand really close to travis crotch. i didnt do anything :D but i was really close to travis at one point, like not even an inch away, and i think he rolled over and said wtf and rolled onto of my head.... oww. but i was cold, so that was fine i guess xD
keenu and melissa were on the couch, daniel, shelby, and brian were on the mattress, damien was on the chair, and me, travis, lea, and sarah were squished on the bed. and poor rachie was on the cement between the pool table and the garage door D:
needless to say, not much sleep was gotten that night.... unless u were travis! me, lea, rachie, and sarah tried to wake up for the sunrise... so we kept waking up every half hour- i even sat at the computer chair for half an hour, that was horrible- since 4AM, then at about past 5AM me and lea ran outside in the freezing cold to see if the sun was out or not, but we couldnt tell cuz of the fog and street lamps so we ran back into the warm garage <333 at this time, travis was the godsend haha i was warm in seconds :D then i slept awesomely! and missed the sunrise ;_; it was 6AM and it was over.... -sigh- and i only woke up because of daniel STUPID CELL PHONE PLAYING MUSIC! we all groaned for it to shut the hell up, but he was knocked out. we tried to go back to sleep, but that was fruitless so we all gradually woke up and started talking and laughing. oooh! and me, keenu, travis, and lea watched rain videos! gahh i didnt know that keenu and travis liked rain! i have the song they were watching on youtube on my ipod :D that was 'legit' ;) we all got brushed up and dressed and chilled. i tried to do a pull up on keenu bar in his doorway... but i failed.... and travis tried to learn how to hold himself up on his hands to do a windmill or something. hehe lea can do it! but travis collapsed on the floor in defeat *waves white flag*at about 10AM when mrs. bumacod finished making breakfast. thank you!!! she's so nice ;_; pancakes, bacon, and eggs <33
breakfast was delish, then we walked to lea's house HOORAY! we looked like a group of runaways with out pillows and guitars tho haha when we got there we all took showers thank god. i got to go first hehehe ;D travis wanted to watch spongebob so we migrated into lea's room and somehow i fell asleep. wow i just knocked out! lea said my mouth was kinda open too haha all i remember before falling asleep was brian playing with my hair and poking me o.o ....... when i woke up everyone was asleep except melissa and lea i think xD damien was sitting up against the wall, keenu and sarah were on the floor and brian was next to me. i couldnt find travis tho, turns out he was on the floor too and i almost stepped on his face ^^" rachie and shelbs finally finished showering so we went to FAMIMA!!!! and travis gave me $5 and said "get me the largest coke slush there is" it was a 44 oz. for $1.65!!!! *______* so i got him that, and i got a 20oz coke slush hehee, rachie got ramen, melissa got chips and hi-chew and prolly more, and lea got a coke slush and something else.... and shelbs got a cosmo magazine, two rockstars, and food. oooh and i got a sample of mozzarella, spinach, tomato ciabatta sandwich *_______* yummmmm i wanted to buy it but they had no more D: so i got two tacos at del taco. when we got back, travis believed me when i told him it was $5!!! O.O but i felt bad, so i told him it was really 1.65 and gave him back his change =) then damien, brian, and shelbs had to leave =/ and travis was totally asleep on lea's bed lol so lea, sarah, keenu, and me played telephone and munched on junk food. then i ran up to lea's room to find my something.. i dunno what it was haha, but i ended up alseep on the floor hehee... keenu and lea came in and got me up, and we jumped on top of travis. but he didnt wake up!!!! so we gave up..... actually no.. keenu and lea gave up, i fell back asleep on the bed with travis xDD i didnt even get 4 hours of sleep the last before!! but travis did, so wtf lol
finally travis came down with us and we played spoons for a bit :) but keenu and sarah had to leave, so travis left too... then lea, melly, and me had time to talk about the guys, and random stuff. it was cool, really chill, and we all bonded :D especially since i told them all bout kevin which cleared things up A LOT. so now they know, and about A and M. -sigh- how come i attract older dudes??? and am sometimes attracted to them? ahhh whatever i like ppl my age now! teal doesnt count ;) we ate a poptart too, yummmm. damn i feel fat now xDD but imma lose those 2 lbs. i gained =) i dont like being fat-ish... i just feel fat k?! lol
but yay four day weekend!!!! now i have monday and tuesday left to study for AP, hopefully i can go to the tennis lunch tomorrow tho :P

and today i went with me mom to costa mesa mall. i got a couple things too, all really good bargains :D i got a white cami that i've been needing, a striped t shirt, a bag, a necklace, and a gift for someone for christmas. oh and i got joseph a gift. me and my mom ate the boudin again yummmmm <333 thats our tradition now. it was delicious. then we shopped some more. i saw some cool nikes but the bright yellow wasnt so great D: darn tho, i like the hot pink, white, and gold together.. the yellow threw it off... too neon. =/ my mom kept asking what i want for christmas, dad's ben asking the same thing too... i dont want something expensive.. i kno the economy is horrible right now. i wanted to just ask for something simple that i need at the moment when christmas comes. a camera would be pretty sweet, but wayyyy too expensive. melly and lea's cameras are so nice *___* i've been wanting nikes for a while too. if i find some that i really love, and arent pricey then i'll ask for those :D a kigu would be adorable!!! but i dunno... =/ 'rents might say no. hmmm.. i noticed that i tend to get shoes for birthdays and christmas haha. creepers, more creepers, engineer boots lol oooh and today i started CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! =D yay!
aight well its late, i should blow dry my hair and sleep now =) tomorrow is AP I.D.s, and some of the Islamic Travler's Guide. then Tuesday, finish the Guide and read the next few pages for AP.
gnight! <3



first period, ewww mr. falk as a hippie D: wow that afro made his head look so much bigger than it already is -.- if thats even possible.
i LOLed at kristian as Luigi, i had no idea he'd dress up! that mustache was funny haha
second period
me and my partner were both absent the day we were supposed to take pictures, so we just stood around in the dark room and i climbed up onto the table were the developing machine was and i moved it and fell asleep with my iPod on XD that was a nice nap.
third period
mr. nguyen.. same as usual.
fourth period
mrs. swiecky! we went to the MPB for UCBerkeley's presentation for the entire period. i saw with cameron, nikki, and melinda. and chris had these brownies, i took one even tho i'm not too fond of him. it was good. OOOH! and i got to play one of the games on melly's graphing calculator! block man i think it was. gosh that was fun *___* i had no idea how to play so cameron was helping me, but i kept messing up D: then he played for a bit, he was good!! i want a graphing calculator now, just for the games ;D
fifth period
we turned in our timelines, :D i was so proud of mine. i worked on it like mad! then she gave a lecture and we talked bout politics too. thats my favorite class, its so chill sometimes. we lecture but talk about other stuff too. dont get me wrong its hard! but its like a perfect balance.
sixth period
tennis! ooooh gosh this girl had a panda kigurumi!! i wasnt expecting that O__O she let me try it on and i took a picture. then cameron, travis, and damien came by and we played tennis. they're pretty good, travis especially, i want them to try out! they'd be really good. travis's serve is full of power *.* i'd never have that type of power in my serve. he just needs to learn top spin since he's on the shorter side. cameron can use a flat serve tho since he's so tall. that was fun. very chill. when i ran back to get my bag so i could run home and get my costume after the bell rang, teal was there. and i wasnt wearing my cardigan o.o so just a tube top, oh dear. amy said "OOOH SEXY" when i walked by, i blushed and i couldnt even look at him. then i tripped over michael's foot in embarrassment and i said i was fine and kept walking. i think i saw teal smiling in the corner of my eye, oh dear...
when the bell rang i ran home and got my costume, then went back to the school. me, lea, melissa, rachie, and tom tom waited and chilled by the tree for lea's dad. we got to lea's house and went to famima. i got a coke slush yummm... like travis would say, it was orgasmic. haha around 4-4:30 travis, cameron, and keenu came then joseph, nikki, sarah, and melinda showed up too. travis started drinking my slushie -.- and cameron too i think, i dont remember. we put in the zohan and keenu knocked out on the couch haha, travis was cracking up like crazy. i was sitting next to cameron, some parts were just plain embarrassing =0 we just chilled for a while, and ate these BOMB tacos lea's mom made. O___O SOOOO GOOOD. travis wants to make a gift basket for lea's mom and keenu's mom. NAWWWHHH travis can be a real sweetie, he just doesnt show it =) then we started getting ready and dressing up. everyone borrowed lea's clothes lol rachie and melissa were putting on their costumes in lea's room and people would just bust it every so often D: lea opened the door when i was in my bra and the guys were outside the door X_____X i dunno who saw hahahaha and travis opened the door whn nikki had her top off xDDD i came up the stairs and travis was FLIPPING OUT! he told me what happened and i went inside lea's room and the girls were flipping out too xDD hahahaha PRICELESS. travis tried to wear lea's short shorts but... like lea said his thing was pushing thru.... that gave me a mental image i DID NOT need. i suggested that cameron could wear my striped pants, but he said he wouldnt fit. i beg to differ. but keenu ended up wearing them haha and cameron borrowed lea's gold basketball shorts and was bleeker from juno, and travis borrowed keenu's tank top and lea's basketball shorts. all the guys' shorts and pants were riding up XD i was a purple skittle, rachie was amy winehouse, lea was a nerd, greaser i think, and sarah, melly, tom tom, and nikki didnt dress up. and joseph wore my yellow cap with the animal on it.
we went trick or treating all over the neighborhood. MANN LEA'S NEIGHBORHOOD IS BOMB! freaky good candy *_____* some people knew what i was and flipped out and said it was so cool hahahaha that was awesome. a few people recognized rachie too! there was this guy dressed up like POH from the teletubbies o__O but he had these HUGE candy bars <3333
GAHHH AND SPIDERMAN!!! keenu got chased by the dark spiderman. he was just sitting there, his costume looked soo authentic O.O and keenu started running so spiderman chased him! OMFG THAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT. we all cracked up like mad. keenu was scared tho hahahahaha
we went back to lea's to wait for ethel and cha, but they never came =/ so we were bidding our candy and cooling down. turns out we got these fake tattoos from trick or treating, awesome! me and cam went to the bathroom to put them on, hehe he put all 8 of them all over his arms lol they kept slipping on cuz he just dripped water on them, so i tried to help with a damp tissue :3 after we finished we went outside cuz everyone disappeared onto the street. we ended up chilling on the street and racing up and down the street (all the guys got holes in their socks), and taking jumping pictures. by the time we went into lea's house, around 10pm, we were covered in sweat and chased on the floor. it got so late that we wanted to sleepover, but it was too last minute i think D: oh well, next time! cameron and joseph left first ;_;
gosh travis's feet SMELL bad. that dork, he kept laughing when we were sprawled all over the living room. rach and melissa were on the couch. keenu on the other couch. melly in the chair. and travis on the floor with me and lea on his sides. and sarah on the floor above us. he kept laughing fo like 20 minutes straight and he wouldnt stop! actually i think he couldnt stop. but he made all of us laugh like crazy. boo, then travis's dad and my dad came so we had to go =/ i ended upleaving my bonnet there, travis left his jeans and bag of candy, cam left his candy too. nikki left too much shit for me to remember haha, but ended up taking melissa's camera =0

GAHHHH SO MUCH FUN <333 i cant even embody it all into this post <333 LTK you understand ;)
i keep saying this, but it gets more and more each time we hang out.
the guys are getting closer to us =) they acknowledge the LTK as a whole and they look forward to our outings. like the sleepover next weekend, hopefully <3 i dunno it makes me so happy! gahhh life seems so perfect right now. :)
so yeah, i think its gonna be a co-ed sleepover at keenus or melly's prolly keenus tho, next weekend cuz its a 4 day weekend! =D i cant wait!!! i really wanna go! travis and cameron are excited for it too =D GAHHHH I'M HAPPY. :3

OOOH and my mom and me talked about relationships on saturday o__O
she asked me who i liked, and i told her *insert name* and she said she knew for like a month -.- LOL
we talked bout how things might change if something happened between us, bout his ex, and just relationships in general i think. she seems... open to the idea of me in a relationship. maybe its cuz she's knows him and his parents, so she knows he's a good guy. funny, when i liked *other person* a while back, she said "why do u like him??? he's ugly, you should like *insert name*" xD wow a mom's intuition. but wow. i was shocked when we talked about it. i'm always open to her about everything, so i want to tell her everything if something does happen. IF, MAJOR IF. lol but hey i'm happy and i'm just gonna go with the flow <3